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Most parents who have had to keep their children entertained and educated during the COVID-19 pandemic are also learning on the go.

They all need a little help here and there.

That’s why Michal Utko and members of his team at Okanagan Regional Library have created, a free website that features hundreds of worksheets for young children. No library card is required.

“I’m a parent, and I’ve been scouring the web for resources for my kids,” said Utko, who serves as ORL’s marketing and communications director. “So I figured chances are pretty good there’s a ton of other parents who are doing the same thing.

“If you’re in need and you’re looking for this kind of stuff, we’re here to help.”

Colouring pages, mazes, cutting and gluing projects, origami and connect-the-dot puzzles are just a few of the worksheet themes. Utko and his team are adding new worksheets to the website all the time.

In other words, you might be able to get a bit of laundry done or simply relax with a press of the print button.

“These are similar to a lot of the activity sheets at the library we produce for either summer reading clubs or in-branch activities,” Utko says. “So that’s something that’s usually available to librarians within our system from the marketing department, but we felt like it was necessary to provide all of these resources to the parents and guardians who are home schooling their kids and who might be looking for additional help in either handwriting or general activities and keeping busy.”

Worksheets aren’t the only feature of There is also a section featuring videos that the library staff has produced. Learn how to make catapults with rubber bands, watch a science, tech or education video, or create an insect house.

Utko says more videos will be coming soon, including a wide array of authors reading their new books.

The third and final section of is a calendar of events, which lets families know about upcoming online events. Scavenger hunts, online colouring contests and the ability to take part in recreational clubs are just some of the options that are available.

The site was launched last Friday, and Utko says the response has been outstanding so far. He and his team will keep curating the site and run contests to keep it fresh and exciting for youngsters and those who are young at heart.

“It’s going to evolve into whatever the community needs it to be,” says Utko, whose goal is to make a resource for librarians across B.C.

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