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Valley Pool & Spa does not want to see an already tough situation get worse.

That’s why the Kelowna business has decided to share—for free—new technology with the public it had originally created for only its customers in an effort to ensure hot tub water remains balanced, clean and safe.

The Spa Star app allows those with hot tubs to test their water at home instead of bringing it into a store to have it tested. Valley Pool & Spa remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic since it’s an essential service, but the fewer people who have to leave their homes, the better.

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The spring is a busy time for pool and hot tub openings, and it is critical that the water is balanced. The last thing anyone needs is waterborne illnesses compounding the health problem that is ravaging the globe right now.

“It’s almost coincidental that it came out at the same time that everyone’s been quarantined,” Valley Pool and Spa business development and sales manager Sean Colluney says. “We were just basically going to offer it just for our customers only. However, at this point, let’s just do it as a community service type thing, and anybody can download the app and use it.

“People can test it a lot easier from their house with their new app.”

The Spa Star app can be downloaded here through a scanning application or through the Android and Apple stores. It conducts a variety of tasks, including:
• water testing and chemical balancing without hassle or complex calculations;
• diagnosing water issues quickly and easily with concise, easy-to-follow corrections;
• setting reminders to notify you when it’s time to check your water or replace your filter or any other required maintenance;
• troubleshooting spa issues with ease that you can fix yourself or receive complete information for the service technician;
• requesting service or repair of your spa from a professional service technician with just a few clicks.

Valley Pool & Spa is taking the necessary pandemic precautions for its customers who still want to bring in a water sample. Customers simply need to call 250-860-2266, let the employees know they are in front of the store, and they will come out to you and get your water sample. They will then return with the results and bring any water care products you may require.

In addition, Valley Pool & Spa is now offering home delivery. It is free with any purchase of more than $100.

Even if people continue to use the app once the pandemic is over, Colluney recommends customers bringing a sample to Valley Pool & Spa once per month as the app cannot test for metals or TDS (saturation index).

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