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In 2019, IWG Corporate Services joined efforts with Rod Ferguson, president of Voran Group Ventures Ltd., a Kelowna company at the forefront of disinfection technology.

Ferguson, who holds the rights for manufacturing, sales and distribution in North and South America, also received Health Canada drug identification number certification for an advanced cleaning product. Bacoban DLUS is a multi-surface cleaner/disinfectant with 99.99% efficiency against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It has been approved for use and is available now on Voran Group’s website.

Bacoban DLUS is a water-based formula, making it safe for use on all surfaces. Zero volatile organic compounds, fragrance-free and manufactured in the Okanagan are other benefits of Bacoban DLUS.

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Over the course of the last 12 months, IWG Corporate Services has used its considerable expertise to build out Ferguson’s company, giving direction regarding corporate structure, business modelling and marketing. In collaboration with IWG Services, Voran Group Ventures Ltd. and Bacoban DLUS are now poised for national distribution.

Since the original DIN was issued, additional testing results have proven that Bacoban DLUS is the only product in the world with patented controlled release technology, allowing pathogens to be destroyed on surfaces for up to 10 days.

IWG Corporate Services has been working tirelessly with Ferguson on another DIN certification which would allow Bacoban DLUS’s label to be updated to include these new claims. COVID-19 came onto the world stage three months after this new application was already in the works.

Manufacturing of Bacoban DLUS was scaled back in preparation of these label updates when COVID-19 arrived. Bacoban DLUS has since greatly increased manufacturing to provide relief to hospitals, institutions, corporations and homeowners who are tirelessly fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently there is no vaccination available and no specific treatment protocol for the virus that has killed more than 19,000 people globally.

“The primary goal of Bacoban was to develop a hard surface disinfectant that not only kills bacteria, viruses and fungi but that helps to bridge the ‘hygiene gap’ between already scheduled cleaning times,” Ferguson says.

“Traditional disinfectants are effective immediately, but once they have evaporated or dried, the cleaned area is again subjected to pathogen settlement almost immediately.”

Bacoban DLUS can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The consequence of these unique research results is not meant to change hygiene plans and perform disinfection only every five or 10 days, but rather to utilize this advantage to the benefit of patients, staff members and to improve infection control. The real benefit of such a disinfectant, when integrated into already established disinfection plans, is that it ensures a significantly higher safety and efficiency against the spreading of germs and viruses, thus reducing cross contamination or re-infection.

This is exactly what Bacoban DLUS was developed for: to improve safety between the physical step of disinfecting surfaces and until the next time of day when disinfection is performed yet again. Bacoban DLUS gives people a new tool containing advanced technology in the control of germs and viruses.

“Fighting the cross-contamination battle without Bacoban is virtually impossible,” Ferguson states.

Health Canada is required to complete an entirely new 260-day application, should there be additional research claims or label updates to any DIN regulated product, even during a pandemic.

With the help of local MPs and government agencies, IWG Corporate Services is issuing a plea to Health Canada on behalf of Voran Group Ventures Ltd., pushing this new application to the front of the line given the status of COVID-19 across Canada. While Voran Group works with Health Canada on the updated DIN certification to include these new claims, Bacoban DLUS will still be increasing manufacturing and always available to Canadians.

“One of the main problems in the fight against this pandemic is that, globally, the market is currently extremely limited in alcohol,” IWG Corporate Services founder Jason Netherton says. “Most traditional disinfectants are alcohol based. Bacoban DLUS does not use alcohol in its formulation. It is completely water based. There will be very limited if any manufacturing of traditional disinfectants for the foreseeable future, which leaves us all in a precarious position without a lot of tools.”

Bacoban has an interesting story, as it has been used in Germany for more than a decade, and it was costly to bring to Canada to be certified and to go through all the requirements, but Voran did it.

Not only are they applying for a revised DIN for the patented controlled release technology; Bacoban DLUS has been proven to be food surface safe, biocompatible and has been dermatologically tested as well.

With more than 50 million people at risk, Bacoban DLUS can help to prevent the spread of infection to the public and keep North American citizens safe. This is the opportune time to introduce this product to the North American market.

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