Social media myths debunked
Okanagan Edge Staff - Mar 05, 2020 - Biz Profiles

Photo: Contributed

A renowned social media expert is coming to Kelowna later this month to discuss his new book that tackles myths about the topic as it relates to business.

London native Ian MacRae will be at Okanagan College on March 25, which marks the international debut of his book, Myths of Social Media: Dismiss the Misconceptions and Use Social Media Effectively in Business. He co-authored the book with Michelle Carvill.

“Everyone knows that social media is just for posting pictures of your breakfast, it is full of fake news and it creates filter bubbles, don’t they?” MacRae said in a press release. “This book delves into many of those types of misconceptions.”

The book tackles 28 commonly held falsehoods surrounding social media in business, and MacRae will discuss many of them during the book launch on March 25, which is free to the public.

“We’ve all heard those kinds of messages, but what does the data really tell us?” MacRae said. “And most importantly for business owners and social media professionals, whether you’re novice or advanced, what should be considered when choosing your channels, building and implementing your content strategies?

“These are just some of the types of questions the book explores and that we’ll chat about during the launch.”

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