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The IWG Corporate Services team will help you build a road map for your business.

There are plenty of questions that keep small business owners up at night.

Is the health care program good enough?

Why do I keep losing employees after three months?

How am I going to get rid of my lazy business partner?

Do I need a social media policy?

The list goes on and on, which can be rather daunting. Business owners want to do what they are good at and not have to worry about all the “other stuff.” The only problem is the “other stuff” costs them a lot of time, and when it goes wrong, can end up costing them a lot of money.

That is where IWG Corporate Services comes in. It has a team of experts in its brand new family office department that not only answers those questions that are dogging you as you’re trying to go to sleep, but they take care of those potential problems for you before they have a chance to appear.

“We have listened to the voice of business owners in Kelowna and the valley,” IWG Corporate Services president and advisor Jason Netherton said. “They need operational support and guidance for their business. The response has been tremendous.”

IWG, which also includes partners and team members Rich Orzol, Teri Patry, Anthony Haines and Dez Jenic, not only helps companies avoid land mines, but it also sets them up for tremendous growth.

“We help business owners set goals to mark their future success,” IWG Corporate Services’ Sandra Kahle says. “We determine where the business’ growth opportunities are and customize our services to optimize operations and achieve those goals.”

IWG Corporate Services decided to create a “family office” because it felt it is a service that was missing in Kelowna and the surrounding area. There are plenty of businesses that are busy doing work, but their owners do not have the time to complete the vast to-do list that comes with running a business.

“This will allow business owners to sleep better at night and have more growth potential,” IWG Corporate Services’ Lisa Jaffary says.

Not only will IWG Corporate Services take care of that massive to-do list, but it will help businesses make money as well. This frees up business owners and their employees to actually do the work that the business offersand do what they do best. There will be a noticeable return on investment because having appropriate policies and procedures in place can prevent lawsuits.  As an added bonus, it creates a positive working environment thereby assisting with employee retention as well.

Examples of the services IWG Corporate Services has to offer include:

• Business staffing plan: Do you have the right people in the right roles? Is your business cycle cyclical, or do you need staff for an upcoming project? Know when you need to hire, where to look and how to hire.

• Recruitment process: How successful is your recruitment process? Do you hire, then fire in three months? Do you hire relatives? Do you know how to check references?

• On-boarding process: Introduction to co-workers, computer system, tour of the business premises, convey corporate goals and vision, where the muster station is, where the fire extinguisher is kept, etc.

• Hierarchal structure: Who reports to whom? Have you developed a corporate flow chart?

• Employment contracts: Have a comprehensive employment agreement in place to protect the employer and employee. Include targets and deliverables, confidentiality agreement, expense reimbursement policy and social media policy.

That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business owners’ responsibilities, which is why IWG Corporate Services has created the comprehensive service for business owners.

For more information on IWG Corporate Services’ new family office, call 250-869-8158 or e-mail [email protected].

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