Top 40: Linda Bauer
Kirk Penton - Jan 06, 2020 - People in Business

Photo: Contributed

If you want to put your finger on the pulse of the community, becoming a senior constituency assistant to the local Member of Parliament is a good way to go about it.

That’s the role that Linda Bauer has filled since 2006, representing the Kelowna-Lake Country MP at community events, government announcements and ceremonies both with the MP and when they are not available.

“I have had the privilege of supporting constituents, their families and businesses on behalf of their federally elected MP,” Bauer says. She has also enjoyed “having had the great honour of welcoming prime ministers, cabinet ministers and caucus members when they visit the beautiful Okanagan Valley.”

Bauer ended up in her role through a variety of educational and work experience. She took computer programming, business and government courses at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and at the University of Alberta, and worked as a medical office assistant and for a family business before moving to Kelowna.

In her 13 years as a senior constituency assistant, Bauer has helped the people of Kelowna-Lake Country navigate their way through myriad government issues, from agriculture to immigration to veterans affairs.

She has also served as an advocate for people and organizations in the community, often serving as a last resort for people who could not find their way through the system.

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