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Amy Jasper is loving life after having eye surgery at Vivid Laser Centre.

Amy Jasper had always been hesitant to get laser eye surgery done.

Whether it was fear of the procedure, the cost or a lack of time to fit it into her life, Jasper was content to wear contact lenses or glasses for the last two decades.

She finally decided enough was enough. She was recently sitting 10 feet across the room from her parents—without glasses or contacts—and she couldn’t even make out the shape of her dad’s head. She did a little research online and talked to her family doctor, who recommended Dr. Ron Baldassare at Kelowna’s Vivid Laser Centre.

The 45-year-old Jasper had the procedure done on Sept. 12, and all she could think about afterwards was why she hadn’t done it sooner.

“I’m over the moon,” Jasper says. “I was a little bit of a nut afterwards, feeling over the moon and ridiculously excited. I was blown away by how different it was.

“Having the corrective surgery and being able to use my eyes without glasses or contact lenses was a miracle, really. The machine itself, it takes only five minutes or so. You’re on that table for five minutes, and then you can see. Why did I wait so long?”

Jasper felt more at ease with Dr. Baldassare going into the procedure because he is also a corneal specialist. At first she was focused only on price, but she ultimately realized that wasn’t the correct approach to take.

“It’s your eyes,” she explains. “You don’t necessarily want the best price. You want the best results. And having a corneal specialist was extra assurance knowing that if there is something that is unusual or goes wrong, God forbid, then he’s the one who’s going to be able to deal with it thanks to his expertise and knowledge.”

She says Dr. Baldassare was friendly and conversational, and his staff was the same way.

“The staff were all great that way, all very friendly, welcoming and approachable,” she says. “I didn’t feel any judgment if I asked a dumb question. It was just a good experience all around.”

Jasper said she was able to see the day after the procedure. She had to wear clear, plastic eye covers for the first 24 hours and during the first few nights so that she didn’t rub her eyes in her sleep. She had trouble seeing objects close to her eyes for the first couple of weeks, but that improved over time to where it’s no longer an issue.

Jasper is looking forward to going on camping trips with her family. No longer does she have to be careful when splashing in the water with her three kids for fear of losing her contacts.

“Poor eyesight is a type of disability,” Jasper says. “To suddenly be cured of it, it still just blows me away.”

Vivid Laser Centre now has financing for patients who want to have the procedure done but are concerned only about the cost. It is now able to do the procedure for as low as $42 a month on approved credit.

Photo: Contributed
Dr. Ron Baldassare offers laser eye surgery financing for as low as $42 per month.

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