Friendly rental build begins
Okanagan Edge Staff - Nov 08, 2019 - Biz Releases

Photo: Contributed
West Kelowna Mayor Gord Milsom, councillor Carol Zanon, Highstreet’s Christina Wilson, councillor Doug Findlater, Highstreet’s Jeff Gallant, Highstreet’s Pino Mancuso, councillor Jason Frieson and Highstreet’s Scott Butler break ground on Thursday.

A net-zero, energy-ready apartment building in West Kelowna broke ground on Thursday.

Carrington View is a rental property from Highstreet Ventures that was chosen as one of 11 winners out of 51 expressions of interest in the CleanBC Better Buildings competition.

The project is shooting for 100 per cent electric and zero carbon output, passive house air tightness of 0.6 changes per hour, 304 solar panels for common areas and triple pane windows.

“Our goal is to own and operate 1,000 net-zero homes by the end of 2024,” Highstreet president Scott Butler said. “We are demonstrating that net-zero ready market rentals can be built today, 12 years prior to the legislated requirement, with no difference in the end financial result than building to the code minimum.

“We look forward to building many more net-zero ready and net zero buildings across Western Canada.”

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