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Vantage West Property Management looks out for both its investors and its tenants, which is why founder AJ Hazzi believes the company is now feeling the love.

VW Property Management was recently named Consumer’s Choice Award’s best property management firm in Kelowna, which Hazzi didn’t even know his company was in the running for until he found out it had captured the honour.

“The credit obviously goes to the awesome property managers that we have at the property management office,” Hazzi says. “It feels awesome to be recognized.”

Hazzi points to his company’s vast number of five-star reviews on Google as testimony for a job well done. Hazzi says it only made sense to bring the best to an industry that has mostly underserved the public.

“The bar is pretty low in property management from a service standpoint,” Hazzi says. “For us, on the sales side, everything is about creating a five-star experience for our clients. The real competitive advantage from my perspective, as an investor, is that we are managing real estate rental properties for an investor from an investor’s vantage point. We’re investors ourselves. We know how to maximize returns. We know what keeps investors up at night. And we’re managing with that in mind.”

On the other side of the coin, Vantage West Property Management works with its tenants as much as possible to build the relationship. It also offers a rent-to-own program with the goal of turning renters into buyers.

“We’ve repaired that adversarial relationship between landlord and tenant, because we truly see tenants as clients,” Hazzi says. “If they’re going to stay in a rental property for five years and pay off our seller’s mortgage and care for their asset, they are truly a client who should be valued.

“And on the flip side if they are planning on eventually buying a home, we want to empower them and educate them and help them along that process. We see them as clients in training from that perspective.”

As a reward for hitting their 2019 goals, Hazzi is sending his team members to the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico, on an all-expenses-paid trip.

VW Property Management also puts out a quarterly update on average rents for various property types in an effort to keep clients and the public informed along with its list of available properties.

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