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S&J Management is located at 101-546 Leon Ave. in Kelowna.

If you need anything that is associated with running a business, you can bet S&J Management Ltd. has the resources that you need.

Payroll? Check.

Bookkeeping? Check.

Tax work? Check.

Legal advice? Check.

Insurance? Check.

The list goes on and on. S&J Management has what you need when you need it, and it is set to celebrate its one-year anniversary of setting up shop in Kelowna.

“We’re an accounting, bookkeeping and management-type company,” S&J owner Vanessa Hebb says. “The reason I started it was to help fellow business owners. As I was getting started and going through clients—I’ve been around 13 years now—after a while you kind of figure out the needs of yourself but also the needs of clients.”

The company helps businesses operate not only on a day-to-day basis but with an eye on the future as well. Hebb and her team will sit down with you and plan out a road map to success.

“Instead of just saying here’s your GST and here’s your financials and your corporate taxes, it’s more of how can we take this to the next level with you?” Hebb says. “How do we help your business?”

Hebb, originally from Vancouver, opened S&J in Okotoks, Alta, where the head office is located. The business has since added a Kelowna location, and Hebb plans to spend more time in the Okanagan in the future.

Business is booming in the valley, where the population is surging and small businesses are popping up all over the place. Hebb knows how tough it can be to go it alone in the business world, which is why she started S&J.

“I always feel like we’re the most neglected,” Hebb says of entrepreneurs. “We’re the ones who gave up our paycheques. We’re the ones that risked it all for this dream and the hope to be successful. You kind of jump off the cliff and give the security of the paycheque away.

“There’s a lot of us roaming around with no support or guide. That’s kind of the whole concept.”

S&J will even help with smaller but no less important jobs like liquor licensing and software integration. The company has a long list of partners with which it deals, and meeting with Hebb and her team gives businesses access to all of them.

“We just make sure that we’re working with the right professionals to guide our client to wherever they might need help,” Hebb says.

“We get the feedback from that partner, and then we are that middle guy that is hanging out with our clients for the daily grind.”

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