McCurdy battle rages on
Sarita Patel - Oct 09, 2019 - Biz Releases

Concerned citizens Tania Gustafson and Christopher Bocskei along with others held a drive-thru petition against wet supportive housing facilities in Rutland late Tuesday afternoon.

The group is calling for the use of drugs and alcohol to be banned at the 130 McCurdy Rd. site and not allowing users of illegal drugs to live there, mostly due to its proximity to elementary, middle and high schools.

Co-organizer Tania says they’ve collected over 14,000 signatures in the original petition and hope they can add to the list to make an impact and huge statement as it goes to the legislature.

“This isn’t just a couple of crazy people thinking this housing is a bad idea,” Bocskei said. “The public is behind this, they’re not signing this blindly, they’ve heard this, they’ve seen it in the news and they know what they’re doing.”

The main issue is the influence this will have on the students and children around that area.

“We’re concerned with the schools, churches, daycare, the community centre like the Y and Boys and Girls Club, all of which are walking distance from the McCurdy centre.”

One concerned resident, who didn’t want to be named says, “giving them a place to do drugs isn’t the right solution, but some type of rehabilitation.”

Signatures must be done in person. Any online signature will not count.

For more information contact Tania: [email protected]

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