Rent news good, bad
Okanagan Edge Staff - Sep 20, 2019 - Biz Releases

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If there is only one of you, the news is not exactly positive on the Kelowna rental front.

If there are two of you, then the news is just dandy.

Padmapper came out with its monthly rental report this week, and it found after scouring the data that the median price of a one-bedroom apartment in September increased 4.7 per cent from August to $1,340.

On the other hand, a two-bedroom flat dropped 4.6 per cent in September to only $1,650.

Padmapper ranks Canada’s major cities based on the price of a one-bedroom apartment, and Kelowna moved from eighth to seventh on that list in September.

When compared to a year ago, the prices of both one- and two-bedroom apartments in Kelowna have risen substantially. The one-bedroom median price is up a whopping 14.5 per cent, while the two-bedroom cost has jumped 8.6 per cent.

Image: Contributed

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