Advocacy centre gets boost
Laura Brookes - Sep 13, 2019 - Get Involved

Kelowna’s first Child Advocacy Centre is nearly ready to open.

The building is purposefully designed to maintain privacy for families, featuring dedicated spaces to host interviews, CAC staff and RCMP child protection officers.

It will be the seventh such centre in British Columbia and the 26th in Canada. As one integrated facility, Kelowna’s centre will reduce the risk of re-traumatization by ensuring children no longer need to visit five or six different places to be assessed.

On Thursday, Boyd Autobody made a $53,291.91 direct impact, helping to alleviate funding requirements for the facility, which is set to open late this year.

Kelowna Foundation executive director Ginny Becker says the team has been very thankful for the hindsight offered by older Child Advocacy Centres around the globe.

“We get to learn from what they’ve done, because these centres are all over the world,” Becker said. “We’re working really hard to ensure that not only the kids and families feel like this is a safe space but that we’re also creating a healthy space for the staff. This type of work is incredibly difficult for them, too.”

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