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By Tom Kernaghan

Love your life from the inside out, and you will discover and maintain your complete wellness. For Judy Holt, owner of Lake Country’s JH Health Coaching, this is a way of life—one she has been committed to for 29 years. As a certified holistic life coach and an independent Shaklee distributor, Holt knows the inner journey to well-being starts with what we put in our bodies.

Shaklee health products are thoroughly tested to be safe, proven and guaranteed. But it goes even further than the amazing vitamins, supplements and personalized health plans she offers to her clients. Having met Holt, I can say there is something about her outlook, and her nature, that embodies and harmonizes all four pillars of Balance Well-Being. Her guiding principle is that by living from a heart-centred place, we can do the most good for ourselves and for others.

Holt also teaches law of attraction principles and is the author of a 2008 book called “1 Potato, 2 Potato, Couch Potato to You.” Drawing on all facets of her training and experience, her mission is to help people—from individuals of all ages to entire families—find the freedom and flexibility to grow into their best, fullest versions of themselves and live healthier, happier and wealthier lives.

I know your ultimate focus is all encompassing when it comes to health and well-being, but let’s start with the products themselves. What is it about the Shaklee offering that is so special?

The Shaklee product offering is unique because the company has a 63-year history of clinically tested food supplements, and non-toxic home and body products. They are positioned in the growth sector of health and wellness with vegan and gluten-free certified skincare that is Beyond Organic, their philosophy of guaranteeing the highest standards of safety. And their sports nutrition, which includes a variety of science-based meal replacements for their Healthy Weight life plan, is used by many Olympic athletes.

What is one of the first questions you ask your clients about their health habits?

I ask how they’re feeling and just have a conversation where I really listen to them. I offer a free, no-obligation health assessment through an online link to show their top health goals and current lifestyle habits. When we chat I suggest supplements or things they can do to reach their goals.

You’ve been a Shaklee distributor for almost 29 years now. What initially drew you to their culture, and how has your focus evolved over the years?

What initially drew me to Shaklee’s culture was the company’s values of making a difference and creating a healthier life for anyone and a better life for everyone. It’s about family, freedom, contribution and flexibility. These aligned with my values and coupled with the golden rule philosophy of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’ which is how I live my life and do my work. My business has evolved to incorporate more of a mindset and focus on wellness that includes meditation and teaching law of attraction principles.

Having run your own health business for so long, how do you see your current role and contribution to the health and well-being of your clients and the community? Tell us a bit about your Wellness Movement.

I see my current role as a lifestyle coach, the scope of my work encompassing diet and lifestyle, with a mindset focused on the whole wellness picture. Also, I coach and mentor a team of others to build their own Shaklee businesses. In these ways, I’m creating a wellness movement of heart-centred and health-conscious individuals who are passionate about guiding others to live their best lives. It’s a global movement of hundreds reaching their wellness and income goals.

Time for the fun finale. Care to share a story, tendency or tidbit of info about you others may not know?

Fun story. I became a grandma (Nana) three months ago, and it’s the most special phase of life! I absolutely love travelling, and outdoor sports and activities. I’m addicted to good health, fitness and mindfulness, and connection with family, friends and fun is a huge part of my daily why.

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