NY Times recommends Kelowna
Anita Sthankiya - Aug 23, 2019 - Okanagan Biz

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The New York Times is recommending that readers should visit the Okanagan Valley if they are looking for a budget-friendly holiday thanks to the strong US dollar.

Travel writer Elaine Glusac says in her article “Canada has a wealth of attractions apart from offering value, including plenty of places to escape the crowds.”

She says if readers like Napa Valley, then they will enjoy the Okanagan Valley. Saying that while it’s hard to compete with the U.S. destination, the Okanagan holds its own “scenic appeal and quality quaffs.”

Glusac recommends flying into Kelowna and taking in lunch at Quails’ Gate Winery, then checking out the rustic decor at The Hatch, before spending a night at the lively Hotel Zed.

Praising varietals such as our rieslings and syrah, the NYT writer says quality has increased greatly over the past decade. Noting that Okanagan wine is largely unavailable in the U.S. market, she adds that wine connoisseurs will need to plan a trip to the region to experience our award winning wines.

Glusac recommends several Canadian locations to check out as alternatives to U.S. hotspots. Readers who enjoy the vibe of New York are being told to visit Toronto as it offers a wealth of cultural and culinary attractions with affordable Airbnb listings.

She recommends Prince Edward County, Ontario to those who like the vibe of Hudson, N.Y., and Revelstoke for those who are looking for a winter destination.

The American exposure is great for the region as it can only help boost tourism for the area.

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