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Kelowna’s Kodie Beckley went on a camping trip last weekend using a Modo vehicle, and he doesn’t think it could have been any easier.

“My partner and I, we took the Modo Kia Sedona—it’s right behind Interior Savings downtown—which is right beside my bus stop, too,” Beckley says. “We knew that we were going to be doing this a couple of months ago, so all we did was hop onto the website, click the days we wanted, hit ‘book,’ and it was ready for us when we wanted to show up and go. It’s ridiculously easy.”

Modo, which is a local member-owned car-share co-operative, has come up with a new bundled rate to help with that day trip or long-weekend adventure that requires putting plenty of kilometres on the road. It’s called the Day Tripper, and from $90 per day you can travel as much as 250 kilometres—all in.

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And if the trip happens to work out to be less with Modo’s regular rates, which could happen with shorter distances, you will always get the lower rate guaranteed.

Modo’s shared cars can be booked in advance or on the spot. Beckley knew several weeks ago that he and his group of 10 had booked time off, so he reserved the Sedona. He and his partner removed the rear seating and filled it with the tent, chairs, camping supplies and paddleboard.

“For something like the weekend camping excursion there’s really no other way for us to get out there,” Beckley said. “It was perfect for that.”

Gas, insurance and 24-hour support is included when you use Modo, and with so many vehicle types to choose from—SUVs, pickups, hatchbacks and more—getting the right fit for your adventure is never a problem.

Beckley also uses Modo vehicles around Kelowna from time to time, which eliminates his need for a second family car. He loves how Modo sends a monthly summary of his trips, including when he booked it and how much he spent so he can see how much he is saving. When you consider the increasing costs of gas, insurance and repairs—the average annual cost of owning a car in B.C. is nearing $9,000—Modo just makes good dollars and sense.

“One of the things I like to tell people who ask me about Modo is that it’s a good way to add a second car,” he says. “If you’re a one-car family and you don’t need a second car all the time, Modo is the perfect option for you.

“You don’t need to pay all that insurance, and you don’t need to have the car sitting around in your driveway 95 per cent of the time.”

If you’re not a Modo member, you can join online today and use the promo code “CASTANETTRIPPING” to get $50 in free drive time.

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