Polish your Pup’s soul
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Tina Stewart saw too many kennels, too many white walls and too much stainless steel at dog grooming businesses.

So she figured it was time to do something a little different, and that’s how The Polished Pup was born. It’s a Kelowna business that offers a different kind of vibe for your furry friends while they get pampered.

“My whole space is different,” Stewart says. “Dogs are vibrational, so I’m trying to cater to that and nurture to that side. … We throw a lot at our companion animals, and because they’re vibrational they pick up everything. So if I can raise their vibration higher by the time they leave, they release stress. They’re happier. They’re in a different place to come back to serve you greater.”

Photo: Contributed

Stewart guarantees one-on-one attention once your dog is dropped off at The Polished Pup, which is by appointment only. Relaxing music will be playing, there is waterproof flooring, and your fur baby can relax in doggy beds or on pillows and couches. Stewart has also has anti-fatigue flooring in place in the hallway and grooming area.

“They love it,” Stewart says. “They prance around it.”

There is a rooftop deck at the 2,000 square-foot business, which is located at 844 Crowley Ave., so the four-legged clients can enjoy many different experiences while at The Polished Pup. Stewart says her goal is to get the dogs wanting to come back for their grooming.

“I want them to go home, love being groomed, and come back and just settle in a little bit more each time, and just be drooling,” she says.

Naturally, Stewart uses nothing but organic products when treating the pups. The Polished Pup offers certified organic grooming, massaging mud baths, daily lounge care with relaxing music, far infrared warming, certified accusage, touch for health and Reiki sessions, and drop-off service.

Each dog is also hand dried and is free to roam around.

“It is a very cozy and comfortable environment,” she says. “Dogs come in here who have never played with toys and they have five in their mouth before they leave.

“We’re nurturing one fur baby at a time.”

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