West K weed wait starts
Wayne Moore - Jul 12, 2019 - Biz Releases

Photo: The Canadian Press

West Kelowna has completed the process of approving rezoning for five cannabis retail stores in the city.

Now, each of the applications will be forwarded to the province for approval and licensing.

However, with the current backlog of well over 400 applications in the hands of the province, it will likely be several months before they are approved.

“We don’t have a timeline, but we do expect to hear back from the province fairly quickly, as they seem to be moving them through more quickly now,” says development services general manager Nancy Henderson.

“Then we would have, potentially, building permit applications for tenant improvements, and of courseĀ there’s the business licensing process to go through.”

Henderson expects an October to December opening could be a fair timeline.

The stores would be located at 2528 Main St., 3710 Hoskins Rd., 1812 Byland Rd. and at 1192 and 1195 Industrial Rd.

Vernon’s SpiritLeaf became the first cannabis store to be provincially licensedĀ last month, while a second in Lake Country is expected to open this month.

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