Scooter biz set to launch
Wayne Moore - Jul 12, 2019 - Biz Releases

Kelowna’s first electric scooter ride share will launch Friday.

Kelowna-based OGO, one of three companies licensed to provide e-scooter products in the city, will officially launch at the Queensway Tourist Information Centre.

According to company officials, this will be the first e-scooter ride share in Western Canada.

The company is expected to have up to 60 e-scooters available.

Two other companies, Spin Co. and Zip, are expected to launch their programs soon.

It’s expected all three companies will useĀ an app-based rental system similar to the one utilized last year by DropBike.

Unlike electric bikes, which are allowed on municipal roadways, there are heavy restrictions to where e-scooters can operate.

Active transportation co-ordinator Matt Worona says the scooters will be allowed only on a specific corridor for now.

“That corridor is the Rail Trail with Angel Way, the Waterfront Walkway to Abbott and all the way to the hospital. It will connect the hospital, downtown, Landmark, and both UBCO and the airport,” Worona said.

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