Rutland mad about McIntosh
Wayne Moore - Jul 12, 2019 - Biz Releases

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Rutland residents are again up in arms over yet another supportive housing project in their community.

City council is expected to review an application for the form and character of a 50-unit supportive housing development at 280 McIntosh Rd.

If approved, it would be the fifth such facility either in operation—Hearthstone, Heath House and New Gate Apartments—or in the process of construction—McCurdy.

The province announced in January it was working with the city on the McIntosh Road project.

It would be funded through the Building BC: Supportive Housing Fund, and operated by the John Howard Society of Central and South Okanagan.

The project is half a block from Centennial Park, and in the vicinity of schools and a seniors’ home.

Some residents in Rutland are not pleased with the location.

“If our councillors cannot find it in themselves to do the right thing and vote this thing down, we will take action against it as well,” said Audra Boudreau of the Rutland for Safe Neighbourhoods Facebook group.

“Sometimes you have to break the rules in order to do what is right.”

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