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Developer Len Sloan likes to say “you can park the car and buy some walking shoes” when you move to Barnard’s Village.

The north Vernon development is not only conveniently located within walking distances of dozens of shops and stores, but it offers affordable living for those looking at experiencing the Okanagan lifestyle.

Barnard’s Village features rancher-style homes that are perfect for those looking to downsize and not pay a hefty price for the single-family abode. That’s because Barnard’s Village residents pay for only the home and not the land on which it sits.

Photo: Contributed

“We’re trying to do a model that is affordable and it’s meant for that retiree with the small lot, but not like a condo where you’ve got neighbours above you and attached to the side,” Sloan says. “It gives you a little bit of space and your own house, your own garage. And it’s affordable because you’re not buying the lot.”

There is no age restriction in Barnard’s Village, but it is trending to those who are nearing the end of their working lives or have recently retired. Sloan is finding the residents have plenty in common and are therefore building a strong community bond as well.

“We’re finding that it’s turned into lots of people are using their garages as their extended man caves, but they’re also having lots of social groups,” Sloan says. “You can see neighbours going over to the neighbours’ to have a glass of wine. It’s turning into what I sort of envisioned—a community where people become friends.”

The 900 square-foot homes feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the 1,429 square-foot version consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a den. The bonus is they have small yards that don’t require the kind of maintenance that would take all day at a regular single-family home.

That leaves much more time for sitting on the patio.

“Less maintenance and more patio time,” Sloan says. “More time enjoying the Okanagan lifestyle without having the big price tag of the house.”

Sloan said the affordable prices, which are between $289,900 to $359,900, make it easier for some Barnard’s Village residents to spend their winters in the southern U.S.

And its location allows residents to not have to hop in the car to pick up a loaf of bread. It borders the Wal-Mart in north Vernon and is within a five-minute walk of more than 100 shops and stores.

Put it all together, and the result is the ability to live the Okanagan lifestyle affordably.

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