Eat Clean in Kelowna
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Shane Scott and his family learned the hard way there are things in life that you cannot control.

Losing their house in the Fort McMurray, Alta., wildfires three years ago is a prime example of that.

What you can control, however, is what you put in your body, which is why Scott and his family have opened up a new restaurant called Eat Clean Kelowna, located at 1455 Harvey Ave. The restaurant serves up only healthy food, and it has a wide range of good eats that cater to every member of society.

“The reason why I started to get this going is because most communities don’t have an eating establishment that caters to many different walks of eating cultures,” Scott says. “Most places paint you with the same brush. We have a vast menu that includes keto, vegan vegetarian, Paleo, free athletic, body build and weight loss.

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“The reason why we do that is because we want to be able to feed everybody. We realize that not everybody’s the same. You have athletes right to palliative care and everyone in between.”

A large part of Eat Clean Kelowna’s business is meal preparation. Clients are encouraged, of course, to come in and try the food in the restaurant, and then they can choose what they want for their prepared meals. All the restaurant needs is a day’s notice to prepare the order, which must be for a minimum of 10 days.

Athletes and busy parents are big consumers of their prepared meals.

“We give you the option of what you want,” Scott says. “So you would come in and pick your protein, vegetable and carbohydrate all by weight, based on what your specific lifestyle, fitness goal or medical condition is.”

Its beef is grass fed, its chicken has no hormones or antibiotics, and the produce is organic.

“We do not have a deep fryer in our establishment,” Scott says. “We bake, steam and grill everything in olive oil, and it’s all made by hand with regards to our sweet potatoes and patties. The only salt you’re going to see is on the tables out front.”

One thing that Scott loves to do is bring skeptics into his restaurant and show them that healthy food can be delicious, too, noting Eat Clean Kelowna’s steak tastes just like factory-farmed beef.

“Don’t peg it as a normal, healthy shop where it’s very bland,” Scott says. “We’ve actually had a few other people converting over from other meal-prep companies for the simple fact that they were lacking in flavour. With us, it’s literally delicious. I ate for two and a half years up north, and I would continue doing it for the rest of my life.”

The restaurant is putting together a rewards program, and customers will soon be able to order their prepared meals online. Scott has also reached an agreement with Skip the Dishes so clients can get the food delivered right to their door.

Scott is loving life right now, and he hopes the Okanagan will see the benefit in eating healthy while at the same time supporting a family-run business.

“Me and my family have been through quite a bit since the Fort Mac fire, and we absolutely believe in this concept, and this community has been asking for this kind of a service for many years,” he says. “It’s been well received, and I just want to let them know that my family and I certainly appreciate the support that they can provide for us.

“We’re just here to improve things within the community, keep the health trend and the healthy culture going within the community. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

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