ONE Water Street gets artsy
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The stars are the potential locations of the elaborate art pieces at ONE Water Street.

When ONE Water Street developers were going through the process of getting their building permits, one thing the City of Kelowna asked of them was to make the streetscape interesting.

So the developers pulled the fronts back on Sunset Drive to make way for landscaping and patios, but they are now going the extra mile in honour of where the towers are located downtown.

North American Development Group and Kerkhoff Industries are offering $195,000 to an artist to create an elaborate art piece along Sunset Drive at the base of the massive project. They received 29 submissions of interest from artists across North America and have narrowed the group to a final five.

The winner will be unveiled in July.

“It’s pretty comparable to some of the larger projects the city’s been involved with over the years,” NADG development partner Russ Watson says. “We think we are going to be able to really add some interest to that portion of Sunset Drive and really anchor the north end of the Cultural District, because that’s really what we are.”

The five finalists—three from B.C. and two from other provinces—each received a stipend to create a proposal for the final vote. Watson, who is part of the selection committee, said the finalists’ projects are all unique. One use wood, another incorporates light and a third is an interactive piece.

“We could end up having two artists involved,” Watson says. “We could have a wall mural and a street piece. We don’t know.”

The selection committee includes representatives from the city, the development group and a community member with an art background. Watson, who says he isn’t an art expert, is having a blast choosing the winning bid.

“The process is fun,” Watson says. “I got to review 29 North American artists and their work. No way I would’ve ever had that experience if it wasn’t for this project.

“We’re just waiting for these five submissions. We’re quite excited to see them, and it’ll be fun with our committee hopefully picking one that the city will really embrace.”

ONE Water Street will consist of two towers full of two- and three-bedroom lake-view condominiums, elevated townhomes, sub-penthouses and a live-work collection. Perhaps the highlight of the project is The Bench, a 1.3-acre, landscaped, fourth-floor podium that will feature outdoor swimming pools, fire pit enclaves, a health club, a yoga and Pilates studio, and an entertainment room.

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