Range worries electric consumers
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jun 14, 2019 - BC Biz

Photo: The Canadian Press

A recent survey has found British Columbians are hesitant to buy electric vehicles because they are wary about how far it will be able to go on one charge.

BC Hydro conducted the survey with potential electric vehicle consumers, and nearly 70 per cent of them believe the vehicles can’t be taken out of town.

BC Hydro has 58 fast-charging stations throughout the province—the majority within 300 metres of a major road or highway—that would allow travellers to get from Tofino to the Alberta border. There are a total of 270 fast-charging stations throughout the province, including those in the BC Hydro network.

In addition to the apprehension over making it to their destinations, potential electric vehicle buyers are concerned that stopping to charge their rides would add significant time to their trips. BC Hydro points out that its charging stations are located within 50 metres of services such as food, washrooms or other shopping, making it convenient to charge while stopped for other reasons.

The survey found only seven per cent of British Columbians on a road trip of more than 300 kilometres in a gas-powered vehicle will drive as far as they can without stopping. The rest will stop to go to the bathroom, have a snack, sightsee or stretch.

The fast-charging stations can charge the battery to 80 per cent in about 30 minutes. BC Hydro has an app that features the locations of its charging stations, allowing travellers to map out their potential stops in advance.

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