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A 2018 Mustang Bullitt with a complete Suntek PPF wrap.

Don’t call Solartech Films if you need your tires rotated.

Don’t call them if you are looking for a new paint job.

Don’t bother if you require an oil change.

There are two reasons to call Kelowna’s Solartech Films, and those are for paint protection film and window tinting for your vehicle.

“This is all we do,” Solartech owner Jonas Nohr says. “We don’t do a number of different things. We specialize in two things: window tinting and paint protection film. We don’t know a little bit about everything. We know everything about two things.”

Paint protection film offers an invisible protective layer that is easy to care for, because normal washing and waxing doesn’t affect it. It won’t harm factory paint, and it is backed by a lifetime guarantee on installation. It is installed primarily on areas that are prone to rock chips, but many choose to protect their entire vehicle with the clear, urethane film.

“There’s value in protecting your investment in your car,” Nohr says. “Most cars are a depreciating asset. If you can lessen that depreciation by protecting it, that’s a huge advantage right there. We protect the value in the vehicle. We also protect the actual cosmetic look of the vehicle, too.”

Paint protection film is all about the installation, which goes back to the original point about Solartech doing only two things but doing them well. Nohr and his team will make sure it is installed properly and protects the vehicle for the rest of its life.

The most common package for sedans, sports cars and SUVs is the full-front/full-hood package. It provides bumper and full hood protection as well as partial fenders, lights and fogs, and mirror backs. The most popular package for pickup trucks is their 18-inch full front. This covers the hood, bumper, partial fenders, lights and fogs, and painted mirror backs. Painted grilles and rocker sections are common upgrades for pickups.

“All the films are self-healing,” Nohr says. “What that means is surface scratches from the car wash and maybe trees and what not, on a hot day or when heat is applied to it, it will actually self-level and those scratches will go away.

“That’s a huge thing when it comes to even knowledgeable customers in the industry. They’re sort of unfamiliar with that.”

Solartech’s other specialty is window tinting, which certainly comes in handy in the hot Okanagan.

“Window tinting in the Okanagan is massive, unlike Prince George or even Vancouver,” Nohr says. “The Okanagan gets so hot. This is going to cut out 99 per cent of UV rays. It’s not a replacement for air conditioning, but it’s going to substantially cut down the heat in your vehicle.”

Tinting, which can be done at four levels between five and 50 per cent, also enhances security, improves the vehicle’s appearance and improves resale value.

Solartech also guarantees its tinting work with a lifetime installation warranty and a guarantee it will remain as dark as the first day it was applied.

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