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(L to R): Tyler Pronyk, A&W’s director of distribution, equipment and packaging, and Chris Kerr, an A&W franchise owner, with a frosty mug of A&W root beer.

A successful business is built on many things, such as good customer service, controlling costs and a little something special that sets you apart from the competition—like a signature dish. If your restaurant is making that customer favourite day in and day out, chances are you’re using a lot of energy to run a particular piece of kitchen equipment.

Kelowna-based Kelly/Carlos O’Bryan’s restaurants and pubs can credit some of their success to the popularity of Pachos—an Irish take on nachos featuring seasoned lattice fries topped with cheese and green onions. Now with nine locations across B.C., they want to ensure those hard-working deep fryers are as reliable and energy efficient as possible.

FortisBC’s rebates on high-efficiency kitchen equipment have helped Kelly/Carlos O’Bryan’s operators save more than $13,000 on investing in natural gas appliances that help save energy and costs while keeping up with demand. Together with LED lighting and compostable take-out containers and straws, it adds another dimension to the Irish-themed eateries’ “green” image.

A&W Food Services of Canada is another B.C.-based success story, with an iconic image and a long history of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, from serving root beer in frosty glass mugs to introducing the plant-based Beyond Meat burger.

With 190 locations in B.C., and many restaurants operating 24-7, A&W also recognizes the importance of energy efficiency in its operations and supports franchisees to get rebates for high-efficiency equipment.

Whether opening a new location or investing in upgrades, franchisees have accessed more than $50,000 in rebates for ENERGY STAR natural gas griddles and fryers—premium cooking equipment that’s easier to use and reduces operational costs.

“Energy efficiency and the environment really go hand in hand,” says Tyler Pronyk, an A&W director who leads the company’s corporate and environmental strategy. “If you have a positive effect on the environment while saving money, it’s a win-win for all of us.”

And in recognition of their efforts to save energy, A&W Food Services of Canada and Kelly/Carlos O’Bryan’s each received Efficiency in Action Awards from FortisBC in 2017 and 2018.

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