Sign changes student’s path
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jun 10, 2019 - Biz Releases

Photo: Contributed

The office administration program at Okanagan College is perfect for those looking to get into the workforce right out of high school.

It’s also convenient for adults who are looking for something new or returning to class.

Dana Ingram was working as a barista in Penticton when she saw a sign advertising the program outside of the campus there. She turned into the parking lot and found out what she needed to do to get into the program.

The program is unique in that it covers everything from communications, computers, office procedures, math and spreadsheets.

“English was so helpful with what I’m doing now,” Ingram said in a press release. “I have to go through so many reports and letters every day, so the program helped me understand punctuation and sentence structure.

“Payroll accounting was really difficult, because there were so many different things to consider. When I finally finished my project for payroll accounting, I felt so good.”

The program includes a three-week practicum, and Ingram was able to do hers at Penticton Health Centre, where she now works. She was able to get a glimpse of public health, home support, the kidney clinic and more.

“Working at Interior Health has opened my mind to different areas,” Ingram said. “I’ve been thinking about going back to school later for nursing maybe. Seeing things behind the scenes and talking to nurses makes it easier to make decisions.

“I have a full-time job in health care. I love the area I’m working in, and I love the people. It was a great decision, and I hope other people take advantage of it.”

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