Purair will help Mamas
Okanagan Edge Staff - May 29, 2019 - Get Involved

Photo: Contributed

A Kelowna-based indoor air quality company has announced an agreement that will result in money going to the Mamas for Mamas charity.

Modern Purair’s Purkids Foundation will donate thousands of dollars each month to Mamas for Mamas, a national charitable organization that supports moms in crisis and provides ongoing support to low-income mothers and their kids.

Purair, which provides indoor air quality testing, furnace and air duct cleaning, furnace filters and filter maintenance programs, and dryer vent cleaning, will be donating one per cent of Modern Purair system sales company-wide to the Purkids Foundation.

“We were looking for a partner that could help us make a difference in the actual communities where our franchises are located to complement our international charitable efforts,” Modern Purair co-founder Lane Martin said in a press release. “We were excited to discover that Mamas for Mamas had locations in each of our communities allowing us to achieve that goal.”

Mamas for Mamas founder Shannon Christensen said the arrangement is already paying dividends for its clients.

“We got a call from a mother on a remote island off the coast of Vancouver who had fled an abusive situation and needed immediate food security and rental support,” Christensen said. “As a result of this partnership, we could say yes. We will help feed the mother and child while we find additional supports. We will give the hand up needed to move past this situation and not just a hand out to get through today.”

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