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Kelowna Auto Loans believes bad things happen to good people.

That is why it will always treat its customers with respect, regardless of their credit rating.

Darcy Greig and Jarrod Stocks, who have a combined 25 years of auto loan experience and are the co-founders of Kelowna Auto Loans, also believe in shopping locally, because the benefits are many. Stocks knows that better than most, because he is Kelowna born and raised.

Greig pointed out the example of a Kelowna family that recently went the online route, looking at a few pictures and then having the vehicle delivered to the front door without test driving it first.

“Their family didn’t fit in the vehicle,” Greig says. “So within a month they had to trade out and lost over $10,000, all because the initial purchase wasn’t the right fit for their family but they felt like they had no choice.”

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Kelowna Auto Loans gives those in the Okanagan a chance to actually test drive their vehicle before they purchase it. Stocks, a.k.a. ‘The Credit Cowboy,’ noted that a client who has prime credit gets to test drive vehicles, look at options and negotiate. If you use a national, online service, you don’t get that chance. You do, however, get that opportunity at Kelowna Auto Loans.

Greig and Stocks vow that a customer’s experience at Kelowna Auto Loans will be different. They will take the time to sit down with you, discuss your situation and find the exact vehicle you need. They are located at Kelowna Chrysler Dodge Jeep on Enterprise Way but are not limited to those makes and models.

“People are not their credit score, and we want to earn their business,” Stocks says. “They’ll be treated with concierge service just like any type of prime-credit customer would get when they come into a store.

“So we want to make sure that people don’t feel like they’re going to be judged for not having awesome credit. It doesn’t limit them.”

Kelowna Auto Loans has signing authority for every Western Canadian lender, and the process is similar to that of a mortgage brokerage; Greig and Stocks find the best rates and conditions. They will then assist the client in finding a vehicle that suits their needs but also fits the lender’s requirements.

Greig says Kelowna Auto Loans will even go over a person’s credit rating with them if they so choose, looking for any mistakes and providing insight into ways to increase their score. An auto loan is a good way to do that.

“We offer tips on other things to do to build credit,” she says. “We do a lot of counselling that comes along with it, because when you do go through someone’s credit bureau with them we can help them catch errors, omissions, things that might’ve been paid off that were collections and give them tips on other ways to build credit.

“We want to empower our clients.”

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