Big score for Kelowna company
Kirk Penton - May 22, 2019 - Biz Releases

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A Kelowna company has been chosen to work on the first phase of the $40 billion LNG Canada project in Kitimat.

SK Form & Finish, a privately owned concrete form and finish company, will work in partnership with Bird-Atco Joint Venture to complete the slab place, finish and saw cutting for the LNG Canada construction camp.

That will include the administration building, a maintenance building, a kitchen that will feed 10,000 workers, a recreation building and an entertainment building. Those structures will require 210,000 square feet of concrete. The whole project will take five years to complete, but SK Form & Finish should finish its part in six weeks.

“We’ll be in and out,” SK Form & Finish CEO Steve Kraushar said. “This is the first phase for us, with the expectation that we’ll get more, but we’ll see. That’s what we’re hoping. It could turn into a bigger part, but for right now we’re concentrating just on this first phase.

“It is the equivalent of 4,000 fully loaded concrete trucks, all poured to exact specifications over a six-week period.”

SK Form & Finish has its Large COR certification, which is the highest level of workplace safety a Canadian company can have, and Kraushar said that went a long way towards his company landing the contract.

“Typically a lot of times as these type of projects go it’s companies coming in from Calgary or Vancouver, so to have something that’s homegrown in Kelowna … it’s a pretty big hats off to our team, to our finishers and to the high standards that we portray,” he said.

SK Form & Finish employees will head up to Kitimat on May 28 and start pouring the concrete on June 1. The company is big enough, with more than 70 employees, that it will be able to continue its operations in Kelowna while working on the liquefied natural gas project.

The workers will have to be on their best behaviour, too, as the project has vowed to have zero impact on the community.

“Our guys have to actually take courses on some of that when they’re up there, as to how we even represent ourselves and the company on site and off site when they’re out in the town,” Kraushar said. “There’s pretty strict rules to how we act.”

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