OC grad gives right back
Okanagan Edge Staff - May 15, 2019 - Biz Releases

Photo: Contributed
Suzanne Newton receives the Bruce DeHart Award during her college days.

An Okanagan College business graduate who used scholarships and bursaries to grind her way through school has decided to give back to the next student who has much to overcome.

The Suzanne Newton Perseverance Inspires Success Award has been established by the scholarship’s namesake, who received $15,000 during the pursuit of her four-year degree.

“I know the crunch of relying on student loans and worrying about money,” Newton said in a press release. “When I saw other people were willing to invest in me and my future, I said to myself that one day I would be in a position to do the same for another student.”

The newly created award is worth $1,000 and will be given annually to a student who experiences challenges when returning to school, especially those who rely on student loans.

Newton tried to go to school at the Penticton campus while working full-time and raising her son, but it was too much and she ended up on academic probation. After student loans didn’t cover all her costs, she turned to scholarships and bursaries.

“Don’t just stop because you’ve hit a roadblock,” Newton said. “Very few students don’t hit roadblocks. Know that you can get through it and it will get better. I hope this award touches someone and gives them hope.”

Newton is now an Okanagan College employee, working as a division assistant in the advancement and alumni office.

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