Top 40: Treena Carson-Piva
Kirk Penton - May 06, 2019 - Biz Releases

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Treena Carson-Piva has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

It might be eclipsed only by her volunteerism.

“That’s just my nature,” Carson-Piva says. “That takes me back to being from small-town Saskatchewan. I come from a family where being involved is just a given.

“… There hasn’t been a time in my life where I haven’t been involved with community or volunteering. My husband thinks I’m a volunteer addict.”

Carson-Piva is the latest member of the Top 40 Over 40 list, presented by the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce and BDO.

“It’s very humbling, for sure, but I don’t like that everyone knows how old I am now,” Carson-Piva says with a laugh. “My kids thought I was in my twenties. It kind of blew my cover. I’ve been holding on to the 30s, but now they know.”

Carson-Piva, who hails from Melfort, Sask., originally, moved to Kelowna with her family just last summer, but it didn’t take her long to immerse herself in the community.

She and her husband own a Real Property Management franchise, and starting a business would take up most of anyone’s time. Carson-Piva, however, did find the time, as she quickly joined the Kelowna Women in Business board of directors.

The family had lived in Vancouver for last five years before moving to the Okanagan, but they were looking for a better sense of community that they just weren’t getting in the Lower Mainland. They have found it in Kelowna.

“It’s been absolutely amazing,” Carson-Piva says. “We love the community. It’s exactly the kind of community we hoped it was and it is. And as far as business goes, it’s exceeded what we thought we’d be doing for sure.”

Carson-Piva and her husband have a long history in real estate, whether it’s building, buying, flipping, renovating and renting. This is their first foray into property management, but Carson-Piva feels right at home in the industry. Naturally, one of the first things she did was sign her company up for Do Some Good, a local tech start-up that makes it easier for businesses to donate money and/or time to local charities.

“We really believe in giving back to the community kind of model of business,” she says.

Carson-Piva has also run for public office, organized municipal capital project fundraising campaigns, chaired numerous boards and committees, and managed a large provincial event that involved working with more than 500 volunteers.

The Carson-Piva family has five children, two of whom have graduated and moved out. The remaining three are in numerous sports, and mom and dad are with them every step of the way as members of boards, committees and fundraising groups.

“We love living here,” Carson-Piva says. “It’s been a great place to be. Our only regret is we didn’t come here earlier.”

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