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Bellevue Day Spa has already built up quite the customer base in the Mission, and now it is ready to welcome those from the rest of Kelowna and beyond.

“We have a lot of people around our neighbourhood who have discovered us,” owner Cinthia Michelle says. “Now I’m ready to do the jump and let all of Kelowna know that we are here.”

Bellevue Day Spa, which opened Jan. 6, uses the customer service lessons Michelle learned during her career, most notably with the Fairmont Palliser hotel spa in Calgary. Her goal is to make every client feel pampered and loved, to make them feel so good that they come back without a second thought. They feel so at home that they might even forget to pay, which has happened.

Photo: Contributed

“(Fairmont Palliser) is very well known for their customer service, so my idea to open Bellevue is to match the superior customer service, but I also bring my own values,” she says.

Michelle, who was born in Cancun, moved to the Okanagan because she wasn’t ready to take on another Alberta winter. Her husband is a scientist, which is why Michelle was very careful about purchasing the products she uses to treat her clients. She says she got all “nerdy” while researching aspects like skincare, molecule sizes, organic chemistry, pH levels and layers of the epidermis.

“Everything we use is organic. Our skin care products are certified organic from Europe and come straight from a farm in Hungary,” Michelle says. “Everything we use for the manicure and pedicure is made in Vancouver and is certified organic. Our nail polish is free of the 12 ugly toxins.

“I spent almost a year researching skincare products, and I hand-picked the brand we use, because it gives amazing results and it doesn’t add toxins. It gets far better results than other moisturizers or products, because the skincare is elaborate, with vegetables, fruits, seeds and roots—real organic food that your body recognizes.”

The organic services also make Bellevue Day Spa a viable option for those who are undergoing cancer treatments and are looking for products that won’t make the situation worse.

Michelle tries to use PETA-approved products and says she doesn’t pass on the costs to her clients. The spa, which is located on the Surtees Heritage Property at 103-4639 Lakeshore Dr., boasts plenty of natural light, and it uses LED lights to boost collagen production. Organic coffee and teas are available, and Michelle also purchased pedicure chairs that go above and beyond.

“The pedicure chairs are one of the things that people always ask me: ‘Can you take my photo?’ Because they’re very beautiful, and they give a shiatsu massage,” Michelle says. “The manufacturer says it imitates human touch. So it’s very relaxing.”

In the end, however, Michelle says it all goes back to customer service. She is discerning with each of her hires to ensure her patrons leave feeling just as good about their interactions as they do about the services.

“We offer high-end treatments in a beautiful environment,” Michelle says. “We have very friendly estheticians. All the girls are very well trained. They’re always polished for esthetics. They’re all very amazing with great personalities.”

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