Labour code gets facelift
The Canadian Press - Apr 30, 2019 - BC Biz

File photo: Trevor Nichols

VICTORIA — B.C. plans to change the province’s labour code in an effort to provide greater protections for workers and stability for employers.

Labour Minister Harry Bains says the proposed changes to the Labour Relations Code aim to ensure stronger protection of collective bargaining rights and promote more durable labour relations between employers and unions.

B.C.’s labour code was established in 1973 and Bains says it hasn’t undergone a major public review since 1992.

A three-member panel appointed in February 2018 reviewed the labour code and made 29 recommendations.

Bains says amendments will retain secret ballot votes for union certifications but will give the Labour Relations Board broader discretion to impose union certification if an employer is found to have interfered in the process.

Changes will also extend union contract successorship protection to service contracts re-tendered by employers in janitorial, security, transportation, food and non-clinical health services.

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