Biz 1-on-1: Wendy Fedoruk
Visland Media - Apr 02, 2019 - Columnists

Produced by Kelowna’s Visland Media, Biz 1-on-1 is an interview series that explores the lives of some of the most interesting business people in North America.

Host Randy Lennon sits down with CEOs and founders of a diverse selection of businesses, talking with them about their vision, passion, and experiences building and running their company.

The show covers a wide array of stories, and, although Lennon interviews business leaders from across the continent, he puts a particular focus on people from the Okanagan Valley.

Originally broadcast on national television, Biz 1-on-1 has found a new home on Okanagan Edge, adapted for an online audience.

This week, Lennon sits down for a segment with Wendy Fedoruk, who founded Entrepreneur by Design. It’s a small business consulting company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners generate more leads so they can reach their goals and increase profits.

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