1151 Sunset Drive alive
Kirk Penton - Mar 20, 2019 - Biz Releases

If they turned the history of 1151 Sunset Drive into an amusement park ride, it would make for one heck of a roller-coaster.

The 21-storey tower is finally full of residents, nearly a decade and a half after the foundation was poured. On Wednesday afternoon, officials with Kerkhoff Construction and a team of Realtors hosted an open house for one of the building’s sub-penthouses, but most of the building has been sold.

What a ride it has been for the project, which started being built in 2008 but looked for the longest time like it would never get finished.

“This was started by a totally different developer back in 2006 or 2007, and it sat derelict until about 2016,” Kerkhoff development and project manager Robert Camacho said. “In 2017 we actually decided to take over this project. The foundations were complete, the ground floor was complete, so we started here on site and without a lot of ability to plan, but we’ve turned over quite a spectacular building, second to none in the Okanagan.”

Calgary’s Lucaya Redux Corp. got the ball rolling on the site in 2008, but the financial crisis forced work to cease later that year. The site was abandoned and became an eyesore and a nuisance for the city over the next eight years. A Chinese development company, Jingon Development Corporation, purchased the site in 2012 but didn’t do anything with it. Kerkhoff took over in 2016 and was able to finish the job.

Now it is working on selling the 20th-floor sub-penthouse suite, which features floor-to-ceiling windows, more than 2,100 square feet, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, two patios and stunning views in all directions.

“It’s one of the premier views in Kelowna, and we’re pretty proud of it,” Camacho said. “And on a day like this, it really does show it off. You can see everything from the bridge right down to the other side of the lake. It’s beautiful.

“The sub-penthouse offers quite spacious living for condo living, very high-end finishes throughout, high-end appliances and granite countertops in the kitchen.”

The sub-penthouse can be yours for $1,699,900.

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