Capri-Landmark talks Monday
Okanagan Edge Staff - Feb 08, 2019 - Biz Releases

Image: Contributed

The massive Capri-Landmark Urban Centre Plan will likely take one step closer to becoming reality on Monday.

That’s when the city’s staff will forward a report to Kelowna city council to approve the parks and transportation recommendations after being told in September to revisit them.

The report will reaffirm the extension of Sutherland Avenue thanks to the belief that it will make it easier for people to walk, cycle, drive or use transit in the area. It will also recommend more parks and public spaces for the projected 8,000 new residents by 2040.

The project will take approximately 20 years to be completed. If council accepts Monday’s recommendations, city staff could return in the spring to present the final plan for endorsement consideration.

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