Regulations hurt biz: Libs
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jan 30, 2019 - BC Biz

Image: The Canadian Press

The provincial Liberal party has lashed out at the NDP government, saying it has introduced regulations that are bad for business and for the economy.

“Since taking office in 2017, the NDP has introduced new regulations across the board, making it harder for businesses of all sizes to operate in our province,” Shuswap MLA and jobs co-critic Greg Kyllo said in a press release.

Specifically, Kyllo called out the new employer health tax and the community benefits agreement as two new ideas that are causing problems instead of curing them. He said the employer health tax is complex to administer and could lead to either layoffs, price increases or benefit reductions to cover the cost of it.

The Liberals’ other jobs co-critic, Jas Johal, blamed regulations in other areas, like childcare and housing, for inhibiting business in the province.

“The speculation tax is a prime example of an unnecessary bureaucratic burden,” Johal said. “Not only will this tax not improve affordability, but all homeowners in large urban centres will have to prove to the government they actually live in their home.

“If they’re away from their home for work, medical, or family reasons, they’ll have to prove that too. I can’t see this being a selling feature for relocating to British Columbia.”

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