ICBC still under fire
Rob Gibson - Jan 30, 2019 - BC Biz

Photo: CTV News

If you could somehow pay less for your auto insurance, would that be something you’d be interested in?

According to Aaron Sutherland, the Pacific vice-president of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, it really wouldn’t be that difficult.

“It’s a pretty simple solution. Other Canadian insurance companies just need approval to operate here in British Columbia,” he said.

IBC represents Canada’s private home, business and auto insurers.

“We believe British Columbians should be able to shop around like they do in virtually every other aspect of their lives, to find the best product at the best price that best suits their needs,” Sutherland said. “We can’t do that here in B.C.”

As a result, British Columbians pay more for auto insurance than anywhere else in the country.

Sutherland believes a more competitive environment would lead to better service and lower insurance costs.

Ultimately, the issue of lower insurance costs rests with the provincial government.

“The best thing people can do is make this a political issue by contacting your MLA and letting them know you want change,” Sutherland added. “ICBC needs competition, and consumers need choice.”

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