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Wayne Moore - Jan 10, 2019 - Biz Releases

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The developer of a massive and controversial development in the Casa Loma area of West Kelowna has been told to hold more consultations.

The development, with as many as 500 for-purchase, rental and hotel units, was given first reading back in June, but the council of the day took the unusual step of asking the item go to public hearing before giving it a second reading.

Coun. Rick de Jong, who was part of the previous council, said he didn’t want to go to a second reading because he didn’t want to open the door for height development. The current proposal calls for towers between eight and 10 storeys.

The developer of the Blackmun Bay development, Robert Moskovitz, appeared before council Tuesday, asking it consider going to second reading before the scheduled Feb. 12 public hearing.

He said with four new members on council and new information available, a second reading debate would end the confusion surrounding the development.

“Since then, we brought in further information and have made many changes,” Moskovitz said. “We are aware there is considerable opposition, but there is considerable support. We are not adverse to spend resources, but we want to ensure the process is accurate and discusses the right numbers, the right facts and the right information.”

While the holdovers from the previous council still supported going directly to a public hearing, the four new members felt they needed more information if it was available.

In what appeared to be a compromise, Mayor Gord Milsom made a motion directing the developer to hold additional public consultations prior to council’s consideration of the applicant’s request for a second reading.

The motion was approved unanimously.

The entire scope of the proposed development would include approximately 216 rental apartments, 86 townhouses, a hotel with 180 rooms and a marine and boat launch with 241 slips.

With a large WFN development proposed just above Blackmun Bay and two smaller developments further down Campbell Road, the area could grow by 800 to 900 units.

It’s the scope of the development that has residents of Casa Loma up in arms.

The city has received about 33 submissions, two petitions with 275 names and have taken numerous telephone calls and in-person inquiries against the project.

Many are concerned about the additional traffic in an area that has just one road access in and out and the prospect of reduced parking on the development.

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