40 for 40 Challenge issued
Kirk Penton - Dec 19, 2018 - Get Involved

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The Kelowna Gospel Mission recently turned 40 years old, so it is celebrating with a fundraising drive this winter that it hopes will shed some light on the city’s downtown situation at the same time.

The Gospel is running the 40 for 40 Challenge, which is a drive to get 40 Kelowna businesses to serve dinner to those in need. Businesses pay $500 to cover the cost of a meal at the emergency shelter, and their employees serve the food.

“We have a set menu with four different choices, so they can pick which choice they want, and then they come in,” Gospel director of development Mike Morrison said. “They can either come in and serve it, or they can come in and prepare it and serve it.

“Also, if there’s a restaurant or something, like a pizza joint, that just wants to come in and serve their pizza, they’ll come in and serve pizza and not pay the 500 bucks.”

Morrison said six businesses have signed up to finish off the calendar year, and another 10 are slated to do so early in 2019.

The relationship between businesses and Kelowna’s downtown business community has been frosty at best lately, and Morrison hopes the 40 for 40 Challenge and other Gospel initiatives will help to create at least a level of understanding.

“I’m raising money, but I’m also getting the businesses involved in what we’re doing,” Morrison said. “That’s the big catch, at least from a fundraising point, is getting them involved. When they’re serving, it’s that touch. They’re physically doing something. So far it’s been a great response.”

If your business would like to take part in the 40 for 40 Challenge, click this link or give the Gospel Mission a call at 250-763-3737.

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