B.C. has job openings
Okanagan Edge Staff - Dec 04, 2018 - BC Biz

Photo: The Canadian Press

B.C. has the second highest percentage of private sector job openings among all Canadian provinces.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business found the nation has 429,700 openings for medium and small businesses, which is a record high. That mark is greater than even 2008 and 2014, when oil and gas booms in the West created a large number of positions.

B.C. had a 3.7 per cent job vacancy rate in the third quarter, which was second only to Quebec’s 4.1 per cent. B.C. had a total of 67,100 job openings that went unfilled over a four-month span.

B.C.’s rate was only two percent in 2008 but has risen steadily each year.

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