No more mega-mansions
Okanagan Edge Staff - Nov 06, 2018 - BC Biz

Photo: Google Maps

The provincial government is doing what it can to crack down on construction waste dumping and mega-mansion building on the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Legislation was introduced on Monday that the government says will strengthen protections for B.C.’s ALR.

“The old government let wealthy speculators drive the price of farmland out of reach for young farmers and allowed some of our most valuable agricultural land to be damaged,” Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham said in a press release.

“We are protecting farmland in B.C. to ensure land is available now and for future generations of farmers so people in British Columbia have a safe, secure supply of locally grown food on their tables for years to come.”

If passed, the new rules will create one zone for all ALR land in B.C., limit house sizes to less than 5,400 square feet unless it supports farming and crack down on the dumping of construction debris toxic waste and other fill that can damage farmland.

The government believes the legislative changes will help stop damaging practices that contaminate farmland and make farms unaffordable for new farmers.

“Agriculture drives prosperity in communities throughout B.C., and we are fortunate that 45 years ago the province had the foresight to protect B.C.’s best and most capable agricultural land,” Popham said. “In an era where food security is a growing global issue, our legislative changes intend to protect ALR land for its highest and best use—agricultural production.”

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