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If you are looking to move out of your single-family home but don’t want to lose the space, you will want to know about Essence Condos.

The Carrington Homes project, which is currently under construction on Kelowna’s Truswell Road, is hosting a pre-sale launch on Thursday, Oct. 25 at the nearby Hotel Eldorado. The event begins at noon.

Essence Condos will have just 21 suites, and most of them come in large sizes. There is only a single one-bedroom unit and two that are less than 1,100 square feet. The other 18 suites start at 1,526 square feet and go all the way up to 3,081 square feet.

“The plans are laid out as such that you have nice, good-sized closets, nice en suites off the masters, good-sized bathrooms and wet bar areas. There’s some nice entertainment spaces within the homes as well,” Carrington sales project manager Kathy Douglas says. “You don’t find condo kitchens like these. You won’t miss your single-family home.”

Photo: Contributed

Essence Condos are located between Lakeshore Drive and Okanagan Lake just south of Hotel Eldorado, which will give its residents stunning views of the lake to the west, of Mission Creek Greenway to the south and of mountains and orchards to the east.

The suites will also have large balconies great for entertaining, and the master bedrooms are as big as 19 feet by 13 feet. Best of all? Almost all of them are on one floor, although there are two-storey condominiums available.

“They are perfect for the downsizer who does not want to give up their space but wants everything on one level,” says Douglas, who recently downsized into a Carrington home herself.

Another notable feature of Essence Condos, according to Douglas, will be the residents. Most will be retired or semi-retired, so interests will be shared.

“We’re creating a community here, and that’s something we try to do in all our buildings,” Douglas says. “You’re with like-minded people, you’re creating a community atmosphere where you’re going to know your neighbours but they’re not going to know your business.

“This building provides you the home but also the lifestyle that you want, because you can just lock the door and go.”

There are less flashy but no less important attributes of Essence Condos, including a sound transfer certification rating that is above code, a rain screen exterior wall system and a fire resistant spray that is on the building.

“We’re a builder that pays attention to what our clients’ needs are,” Douglas says, “and we want to keep them safe.”

Residents will be able to move in next summer.

Visit the Essence Condos website to register for next Thursday’s pre-sale launch event.

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