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Kirk Penton - Oct 10, 2018 - Biz Releases

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The Vaults is not your ordinary storage facility, and it’s quite clear Okanagan residents are intrigued by the one that will soon be under construction in Kelowna.

“We were really blown away by the success of the launch event and the interest in the Kelowna project,” The Vaults vice-president James Murray said. “So we ended up reserving way more units than what we had targeted.”

The Vaults, which describes itself as “Canada’s premier secured storage condominiums,” is scheduled to break ground in November and open next September in the Airport Business Park. Murray said they were expecting 80 to 100 people at its launch event last month but got more than 130 prospective patrons. As a result, 70 per cent of its units are already reserved.

“It’s a very unique development as opposed to a standard residential condominium or a utility storage space,” Murray said. “Having that lifestyle element, tied in with the security aspect of what we offer, really appealed to people.”

If you’re wondering what a storage unit at The Vaults is like, do not picture your average storage unit. The Vaults features units between 1,678 and 4,600 square feet, and each one has a three-piece bathroom. They have 27-foot ceilings, and mezzanines that are 13 1/2 feet off the floor and are the size of 40 per cent of the floor space down below.

“That means anything I can legally drive on the highway I can fit under there,” Murray said.

The mezzanine is where it really gets fun for those who purchase space at The Vaults. Patrons at its flagship location in Calgary have a wide range of uses for the area up top.

“They create a lifestyle element,” Murray said. “We’ve got wine rooms, we’ve got humidors, we’ve got poker tables, steam showers, large boardrooms, kitchens, golf simulators, racing simulators. So they’ll use this as a retreat space if they come into work on their equipment or have a few people over.

“Some of the people also have a personal office up there, so we have executives who will use that as their break-away space. So rather than being at the corporate office and having everyone around them and needing to do a little bit more time reflecting and do a little bit strategy work, they’ve got this quiet spot that they can take off too.”

You could call it a man cave on steroids, but it’s actually not much of a cave; there is plenty of privacy glass in each unit that allows natural light to illuminate the space. Some who store RVs, campers or boats also install a washer and dryer in their units so they don’t have to transport laundry back and forth between their house and The Vaults.

The other primary feature of The Vaults is privacy and security.

“If you drive in with McLaren or Lamborghini, you drive in, the door closes behind you, and nobody knows what unit you went into,” Murray said. “Privacy’s a very important element, and security’s a very important element.”

More information on The Vaults is available here.

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