Education needed for jobs
Okanagan Edge Staff - Sep 06, 2018 - Biz Releases

Image: The Canadian Press

If you’re going to need a job at some point in the next decade, chances are you’re going to need a post-secondary education or specialized training to land it.

The province released the British Columbia Labour Market Outlook on Thursday, hoping to provide information residents they need to make informed decisions on careers, skills training, education and hiring.

It is believed B.C. will have 903,000 job openings between 2018 and 2028, including 91,190 in the Thompson-Okanagan region. Nearly 80 per cent of those positions in the Thompson-Okanagan area will be replacement jobs.

It is also forecast that 77% of the province’s future job openings will require some form of post-secondary education or training.

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