You’re from Kelowna when …
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(A small and quite readable dissertation on what it means to be local from locally brewed Big Surf Beer).

You know you’re from Kelowna when …

– A gate change at Kelowna International Airport means you shuffle three feet either left or right.

– You are inconsolable the Kelowna Rockets “only” made it to the final four of the Memorial Cup.

You know a guy who knows a guy with a wake boat.

– You make payments on your wake surf boat, have a close friend with a wake surf boat or you know a guy who knows a guy with a wake surf boat.

– Your eyebrows shoot up when you spot someone shirtless at the Centre of Gravity who doesn’t have a six-pack of abs.

– You’ve exhaled loudly after nearly missing a bumper whilst driving past Gyro Beach volleyball courts.

– Rims and tires worth $10,000 on a $5,000 truck.

– Your mayor looks rather fetching in eyeliner.

– You’re able to sketch a pinpoint diagram, to scale, of the best place for visitors to grab a breakfast at the Farmers Market.

– You can recite at any given moment the percentage of containment for any local forest fire.

– You’ve browsed the red bell peppers at Save-On-Foods with an NHL player.

– Your biggest complaint is your pool cover wore out after only one season of use.

– You’ve plucked fruit just before hitting your 3-wood.

– You’ve watched a new boat owner unload their boat with their spouse at the El with much amusement.

Take that, Calgary! Hahahahaha!

– You’ve sent a screenshot of the 7-day forecast to friends in Alberta with a smiley face emoji, and received a profanity-laced text in return.

– You have driven several blocks as a single occupant in the HOV lane where you will eventually turn right.

Great beer. Great Price. Locally brewed Big Surf Beer.

Written by Big Surf fan, Rick Maddison

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