Casino talks go cold
Wayne Moore - Jul 12, 2018 - Biz Releases

Photo: Wayne Moore

Company officials say mediated talks aimed at ending a two-week strike at Gateway Entertainment casinos in the Okanagan and Kamloops have ended with no deal on the horizon.

Three days of mediated talks concluded Wednesday.

Public relations director Tanya Gabara says the BCGEU, which represents more than 675 striking casino workers did not provide a wage proposal when talks concluded at noon Wednesday.

She said the union would not be prepared to give a wage proposal until next Friday.

When talks began again Monday, Gabara says the union maintained a demand for wage increases of 60 per cent along with “significant” increases in benefits.

On the second day of talks, Gabara says Gateway proposed increases of between 2.4 and 13 per cent in the first year of a new contract and 2 per cent for each remaining year.

“These wages, in addition to tips, (which the union is reported to have calculated to at least $8.75 an hour) would see Gateway employees making well over market rates,” said Gabara.

“This proposal is also in line with other recent settlements in British Columbia both by government and private companies.”

Gabara says the company is prepared to return to the bargaining table at any time. However, no further talks have been scheduled.

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