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Craft beer lovers in the Okanagan are about to get what many of them have been wanting for quite some time.

Prohibition Brewing Company has been producing craft beer in Kelowna since 2014, but this summer it is adding 473-millilitre cans to its production line in two of its most popular flavours: Getaway Session Lager and Bootlegger Amber Ale.

“We are very proud to directly serve high-quality products to those craft beer lovers throughout the Okanagan Valley,” Prohibition director Dan Allen says.

Prohibition launched four years ago with 650 ml bottles, which the company found could be a little too much in one sitting for some consumers. Instead of going with your basic 355 ml can, Prohibition believes it has hit a home run with its 473 ml offering, which is a popular size among beer drinkers these days. The result is a little bit more flavour, a little bit more mouthfeel and a proper, pint-sized pour.

Getaway Session Lager had been available exclusively on draft, notably at The Keg and Gulfstream Lounge and Grill, but it became so popular that consumers demanded it be brought to market in a can. It will launch next week and be available at most liquor stores in the Okanagan. It is described as a nice, easy-drinking North American-style lager.

Bootlegger Amber Ale was also extremely popular among Prohibition fans, so the company decided to put both of them in cans. It is best described as an easy-drinking, full-flavoured, full-bodied, North American-style amber.

Getaway Session Lager, which has an alcohol content of 5 1/2 per cent, is the perfect alternative for those who want something a little more than your generic lager. Prohibition’s mission is to make a working-class, full-flavoured craft beer so that people can have something to transition out of multi-global, big-box brands.

You won’t have to go far in the Okanagan this summer to find Getaway Session Lager and Bootlegger Amber Ale. Prohibition Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator Cassandra McColman will be blanketing the region with samples for everyone to enjoy, including the Tasting Tuesdays event on The Hotel Eldorado Boardwalk on July 31 at 5 p.m.

“Prohibition brings something unique to the current craft beer market here in the Okanagan,” McColman says. “Careful attention is given to each batch that is brewed, providing consumers with a product that we are really excited to see finally come to life.”

Getaway Session Lager and Bootlegger Amber Ale will be available in single cans and in four-packs.

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