OC prof leads AI research
Okanagan Edge Staff - Jun 29, 2018 - Biz Releases

Photo: Contributed

An Okanagan College professor is calling for more research into machine learning processes that are the basis for autonomous systems like self-driving cars.

Dr. Youry Khmelevsky, a computer science professor, teamed with a pair of French colleagues to author and present a research paper at an international conference held recently by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The paper called for the need to take research and tool development for deep learning (DL), which makes facial and voice recognition possible, to a new level to prevent hacking or mistakes.

“Safety of DL systems is a serious requirement for real-life systems, and the research community is addressing this need with mathematically sound but low-level methods of high computational complexity,” the research trio wrote.

“It sounds very abstract, but it isn’t,” Dr. Khmelelvsky said in a press release. “It’s here today whether it’s in your car or a device that recognizes your voice and commands.”

Dr. Khmelelvsky and his team don’t have the answers to prevent hacks yet, but they plan on producing research proposals in an effort to fulfil their call for action.

“Safe AI is an important research topic attracting more and more attention worldwide,” said Dr. Gaetan Hains, one of the paper’s authors. “Dr. Khmelevsky brings software engineering expertise to complement my team’s know-how in software correctness techniques. We expect to produce new knowledge and basic techniques to support this new trend in the industry.”

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